Solutions & Strategies for Student Success


In-Person, Video, Phone or Email

special needs IEP consulting

Speciality Areas


  • Review of current Individual Education Plan (IEP) to include
    • Present level's and determine if the document provides both student strengths and areas for improvement
    • Review of placement
    • Review of accommodations and modifications 
    • Measurable goals 
    • Progress monitoring
  • Review of 504 Plan
  • Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) 
  • New draft of IEP, 504 Plan and BIP to be provided to the school


  • Reviewing school records and assessment results
  • Observing the child at school
  • Meeting with the child or teenager
  • Conferring with teachers, school personnel and other professionals 
  • Assistance interpreting educational test scores and reports, neuropsychological test scores and narratives, psychological reports, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and 504 Plans
  • Accompanying parents to teacher conferences, school meetings, or meetings with other specialists in order to provide support, debrief and clarify of information 
  • Advise appropriate educational settings 
  • Guidance on accommodations and modifications
  • Support for student self advocacy strategies
  • Support regarding mediation or due process
  • Providing ongoing support and advocacy including attendance at annual IEPs meetings and follow-up support

Staff training and development

We are dedicated to providing your school or district with expert and engaging staff development services.  We recognize that it can be difficult to gauge what knowledge has been obtained by staff from professional development training. As such, we offer progress monitoring for staff development which includes:

  • Pre- and post assessments of training
  • Reports following assessments
  • Recommendations

We offer webinars, in-person conferences and video meetings. Some topics we cover are:

  • Inclusion Instructional Strategies Collaboration workshop
  • Learning Disability in General Education Classrooms
  • Special Accommodations
  • Classroom Managment
  • Positive Behavioral Supports Training

Program evaluation

We conduct evaluations of programs at both the K-12 and post-secondary levels. This evaluation work includes evaluation design, implementation, and analysis, and includes the development and use of surveys, interviews, focus groups and data analysis. Our work in this field includes both formative and summative evaluations, including impact evaluations to determine the utility of programs and strategies on student learning and progress. 

Research design and management

We design and direct small- and large-scale research projects to answer questions that help us better understand the education system, how students learn, and how we can improve systems and strategies to improve the education process. This work, conducted for philanthropies, state/provincial agencies, federal governments, and organizations, is done to expand our knowledge through broad dissemination.

Our work in this area includes the design and implementation of experimental, quasi-experimental, and non-experimental studies, formative and summative research, survey development, site-based research, including focus groups, interviews and document retrieval/review, and data collection and analysis. Our research team has extensive experience in data analysis using all major statistical programs, including SPSS, SAS, HLM, Excel, and Access. 

Policy Analysis

We conduct policy and trend analyses on a variety of educational issues related to educational preparation, matriculation to post-secondary studies, and post-secondary success. Our policy briefs address issues such as federal and state/provincial policies and institutional/school policies and practices. In addition to these efforts, we also conduct reviews of related research, legislation, and literature.

Data services

We provide data services for organizations in the form of data collection, warehousing, and dissemination. We have developed numerous surveys and administered these instruments to a large number of students, and also has the internal capacity to build data tools and warehouses to store and retrieve data in a timely fashion.